Our clients say it better than anyone else. They know that they can rely on Ferber Storage to meet their productivity challenges and to have exactly what they need, when they need it, day after day, week after week.


Customer Testimonials
  • Thank you, you both have been so very helpful with getting these doors out to our plant in Monterrey, MX. Your initiative in calling Federal Express to ensure the shipment got out on time is greatly appreciated. You both definitely went above and beyond. Jason Twymon - Project Manager, IAC

  • “Ferber Midwest has been reliably receiving and reshipping our full line of TopFlight/Spalding golf and sporting equipment.” Monte Green, Spalding

  • “We at Inalfa Automotive Sun Roof Systems are using Ferber Midwest to meet our service contract requirements, and are very happy with the arrangements.” Frank Magnone - Warehouse Manager, Inalfa Roof Systems USA

  • “We manufacture and market upscale model collector cars to specialty retailers around the world. Ferber Midwest has been supportive in fulfilling all our warehousing and distribution needs.” John Hante - President, Auto Imagination

  • “The Becker Group has been successfully utilizing Ferber Midwest to handle our inventory banking requirements” Lance Fargo - Production Control Manager, Becker Group, Inc.

  • “I want to thank the staff at Ferber Midwest for always following through in a professional manner. It is very much appreciated on my end. It is hard sometimes not “being there” to see the inventory, but I feel safe with all of you in charge.” Lisa Laing, My Hobby Place

  • “We are very happy working with Ferber Midwest. Their state-of-the-art computerized system ensures that our promotional items are delivered quickly and with little error. They are always available to speak with, which helps when last minute changes need to be made. They have done an excellent job with our distribution”. Weight Watchers

  • “Ferber Midwest currently handles all of our warehousing needs, including serving as an excellent distributor of incoming components from our various suppliers. The experienced Ferber team has graciously accommodated our every request in a prompt, professional manner through hard work, organization, and up-to-date computer technology.” Perry Earp, Assistant Materials Manager, Lear Rochester Hills

  • “Believe me when I say that it is my privilege to work with Nhia Ly. He is always on top of things when I call or email him our requests for material. His responses always start out with a short personal sentence, i.e. “How are you? How is it going? How are things.” I would not just consider him a business associate but a friend. I can’t count how many times that we have had rush orders going into Ferber or going out to our customer and Nhia has been right there for us. We are very busy here at Inergy Automotive, and it eases some of the pressure to escape and respond to his letters. When I stop in to pickup material, he always comes up to me and shakes my hand and treats me with respect. This is what I call excellent business ethics. Laurence Horowitz is a people person. Each time I have called and talked to Laurence, he is always polite and concerned for our company’s well being. He usually has a joke or something positive to say. He represents Ferber Midwest the way a professional should.” Tony Ford, Inergy Automotive

  • “We have never warehoused before, and we were a bit nervous about it. However, the people at Ferber were extra helpful getting us set up and accommodating our unique needs. For logistics to inventory reporting, and yes….even catching our mistakes, Ferber Midwest has demonstrated that they truly are experts in the field of inventory management and distribution. Their staff is super friendly and always eager to help. Ferber Midwest gets an A+.” David Pizzoferato, Pentex-Schweizer

  • Dear Nhia and the entire Ferber Midwest Staff:

    I wanted to take a minute to send you a well overdue thank you. Ferber Midwest has been an outstanding partner for us! We rely on you for quick response and accurate fulfillment of our orders. You never fail to deliver. I prepare requests often and then make several changes, giving you very little time to process these orders. Ferber Midwest always responds with “No problem” and “ We’ll have it ready for you.” It is a pleasure working with all of you! On the rare occasion that there is a problem (usually due to some miscommunication on our end) you resolve it immediately.

    We are so pleased with the service that Ferber Midwest delivers that we have recommended you to our distributor.

    Please extend out thanks to Christopher, Walter, Dianne, Mr. Ferber and all the others who “touch” our account behind the scenes. You have a great team, one that we are proud to have working with us!
    Ann Allard, J&J Importers, Wines of Distinction Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

  • I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your assistance. Your company has truly helped us be successful. We have not missed a single shipment, and we have been bringing in new business and setting up storage racks, and bringing in more and more parts daily. Your warehouse has been a great addition to our company, but your customer service and continued support has proven to be your greatest asset. Thanks again, Kevin Michael, Shipping Supervisor, DELPHI, Orion

  • As a fledgling business, we initially processed and shipped our orders in-house. However, sales increased dramatically and we were soon confronted with what we perceived to be an enviable problem; we could no longer effectively handle the volume. Unfortunately, we were given a dose of reality upon contracting with a fulfillment service. This fulfillment company single-handedly destroyed our sales and our nerves.

    The list of the company’s deficiencies was endless. Orders shipped late, orders not shipped at all, orders filled incorrectly, lost or stolen inventory, inbound shipments being lost, incorrect billing, fraudulent billing, poor customer service and, eventually, no customer service whatsoever. Our sales plummeted and repeat customers became a thing of the past. The only thought more abhorrent than that of gambling on another fulfillment company was the thought of remaining with the current company.

    And then came Ferber Warehouse. Having learned the expensive lesson of using a fulfillment service that did utilize bar code scanning equipment, this was our primary criterion for selecting Ferber. Without UPC scanning, successful fulfillment and inventory management are an impossibility. However, what we have come to appreciate the most about Ferber is its staff’s unprecedented level of customer service and their willingness to accommodate each of its clients particular needs, requirements and idiosyncrasies. Ferber is constantly seeking to improve its operation in order to provide its clients with the best service possible. To date, orders and inventory have been error free. Ferber has very quickly earned our utmost trust and respect.

    Our only cause for concern was the somewhat cumbersome and archaic website interface, but this is only a minor inconvenience. As with every other facet of its organization, Ferber has provided excellent technical support for the interface and they constantly are upgrading it. Given our brief history with Ferber, I have little doubt that its website will evolve into one of the most sophisticated and user-friendly in the industry.

    All of us at Health Products USA whole-heartedly recommend Ferber Warehouse and strongly urge you to contact Dianne Heath, whose business acumen is second to none. If, for whatever reason, Ferber is not an option, I implore you to avoid fulfillment companies that do not use scanning technology. It would be a costly mistake.
    Martin Christ, Vice President, Health Products USA

  • Dear Dianne, Nhia and Lisa:

    I just had the opportunity to speak highly of you to your prospective client at Roxbury.

    I told him about your -- Trustworthiness. When you say you'll do something, you do it! -- Dependability. It's so nice to know that my orders ship so promptly. As you know, I have very demanding customers, and you help me keep them happy. -- Accessibility. Thanks for responding to my questions and problems when they occur. -- Accuracy. It's not easy keeping track of hundreds of titles, but you do it admirably.

    I'd send this to Cindy, too, if I had her email address, so please pass this along to her, as well.

    Thanks for all that you do.
    Ruth, Songs for Teaching, Bloomfield Hills, MI

  • I just received my order, and the tribal items are just exquisite! I am very impressed by the quality and beautiful craftsmanship of these works of art. In addition, my order arrived within a few days and was very carefully packed for its trip! Circles of Light Imports is very high on my list for on-line shopping Karin Nemri, Customer