Ferber Fulfillment & Warehousing Advantages

Location – Location – Location

Within 70 % of the U.S. Population – Valuable savings in shipping cost.

Zero Errors Bar-Coded Fulfillment Services Order Control

  • Scanning the bar code on the packing slip, our software verifies:
    • The stock number
    • Quantity
    • Lot and or serial number
  • Guaranteeing error free shipments
  • Instant e-mail of tracking information sent to you and your customers.

Rapid Fulfillment Services Response Time

  • Orders in by 2 p.m. – – – out by 5 p.m. 1
  • Next Day & Second Day orders always prioritized.
  • High Volume Fulfillment: $1.00 or less per order.1
  • Bar-coded product location guarantees efficient order picking.
  • Our proven Conveyorware® Fulfillment Software and on-site programmers provide flexibility to meet your specific requirements in a timely manner.

1. Restrictions may apply

Fulfillment Services Inventory Management

  • Real time visibility of all your inventory, orders and history.
  • Client selected sales and inventory reports available at will.
  • Automatic inventory low stock reorder notification provided.

Lower Costs

Storage costs – $ .60 per square foot per month.

Domestic and International orders welcome
High volume order processing discounts
Call Dianne to discuss your specific needs

We provide complimentary use of our Conveyorware® Business and Distribution Software

24/7 secured internet access to inventory, order and history files.

Clients on demand reports include:

Sales by:

  • Item
  • Salesman
  • State

Profit by:

  • Customer
  • Territory
  • Stock number

Client-specified inventory re-order points
History of any single product and who purchased it
over your specified date range.
History of all inventory items sold to any specific customer.

We support EDI, FTP, and all major file protocols.


Low-Cost Marketing

  • Customized client advertising sent with your orders.
  • Analytic sales reports to aid in marketing decisions.
  • Bulk fulfillment mail processing.

Simplified Billing Processes

  • We provide cost per order pricing.
  • Invoices can be mailed, faxed or e-mailed.
  • Upon request, accounts may be debited for payment.

Non-Quantifiable Benefits

  • Pay for only the space and services you use.
  • Short or long term commitment.
  • Live person on the phone – No voice mail maze.
  • Experienced staff offers innovative solutions and reliable service.
  • Over 30 years of distribution and fulfillment services experience.